Hp Compaq 6510b/6710b

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I am planning to buy a new laptop for my development related needs.
I already have a 4 year old Dell Inspiron and the new one will replace
it for my technical needs.

I plan to put a Sizable linux partition (Ubuntu) on the system.

Before buying, I am looking for user comments.. People who have
already used this..

or any other hp compaq notebooks.. how r they ?

worth their money ? good ? bad ? ugly ? wonderful ?
heat too much ? too much noise ? how do the parts behave..

general stuff like that...

I appreciate all input.


Re: Hp Compaq 6510b/6710b

Raghav wrote:
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Hi Raghav,

I am using a HP Pavilion dv8000 for my development machine.
I run WindowsXP and Ubuntu Feisty. It took a little work,
but Feisty works with all of my devices right down to my
network printers. It even recognized my 4GB SD card with no
problem. Wi-fi was actually the hardest thing to get going
on it. It works perfectly now.

I am trying to run Feisty as my primary OS, but all of my
client are mainly in the Windows world. To get around that,
I have installed VMWares's VMPlayer under Feisty and
installed WindowsXP on that VM.

The dv8000 is a large machine, it has a 17" screen and  a
full numeric keypad. The machine weighs in at about 9.5lbs.
It though does have some nice features like (2) hard disk
(in my case 120GB drives) while at the same time having a Dl
DVDRW. Its fast running a 2.1GHz Turion. The wi-fi has a
good range the built in Bluetooth works with my Razr no
problems. The sound is good (I liked the sound on my
zd7010us better).

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

    "A promise is nothing more than an attempt,
     to respond to an unreasonable request."

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Re: Hp Compaq 6510b/6710b

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I post this just so that others know.

HP Compaq 6710b does not work with Ubuntu out of the box... especially
as in "It just works".

There is a mountain of issues to be solved, before you might get it
running...I haven't succeeded yet.

Probably, its too new...a hardware piece for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn...

gud luck..


Re: Hp Compaq 6510b/6710b

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Finally.. ubuntu runs on HP 6710b. Read here...

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