How well does ATI Radeon Mobility X600 hold up?

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ATI Radeon Mobility X600, i was reading reviews over it, they say it's
similar to the ATI Radeon 9600.  does anyone actually have it their
laptop?  or know more they could share with me.  i wanna know if it's
the same or better or way better.

can anyone actually tell me how much frames it would give me if i
played Counter-strike: Source?

Re: How well does ATI Radeon Mobility X600 hold up?

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Read these two articles on Anandtech:

They're about CPU and GPU scaling in Half-Life 2, which of course
is more or less the basis for Counterstrike.  These articles include
coverage on the X300, X700 Pro, 9700 Pro, and 9600XT.  Note that in
general the Source engine favors ATI cards over nVidia.

An X600 would be:
-Much better than an X300 (notice the X300 is playable in DX9 mode
at 1024x768 at over 40fps in every benchmark)
-A little bit worse than a 9600XT
-Noticably Worse than a 9700 Pro
-Noticably worse than an X700 Pro

In other words, you're going to have fine framerates, I'd say at
least 50fps average in HL2.  It's a good enough card that your CPU
choice could be the limiting factor.  Also make sure to have lots
of RAM.

Note that of course this article is talking about desktop cards.  From
what I could find out, the laptop X600 has the same number of vertex
and pixel pipelines as the old 9600Pro/XT.  I'm not sure of the
clockspeed, though, so there might be some variance there.  Often they
tweak the card slightly for laptops.

Lastly, Valve did a really good job with HL2 and the Source engine so
that it scales really well.  (For that matter, so did the id team with
Doom 3).  HL2 is playable at over 80fps with a crappy GeForce4MX (same
as a GeForce2 MX, basically) at 800x600.  Of course, the DirectX 7
compatibility of the GF4MX means that you'll miss out on almost all the
cool shader effects such as lighting, fog, and water effects.  The
X600 is DX9 compatible, so it can show all the cool effects.  The point
here is that even very old, very crappy video cards can be very
playable in HL2, so brand-new cards, even cheaper ones, are going to
be just fine at one point or another.  Maybe you have to turn down the
resolution or the details or whatever, but as far as just playing the
game goes, it'll be just fine.

Of course if you want the ultimate performance then you'll want to
shell out the bucks for the 9800 or X800 or whatever is the top ATI
card for laptops right now.  But if you're not an absolute framerate
fanatic, the X600 should be just fine.

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