How to refill/recell IBM t41 battery?

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Have anyone recelled IBM t41 4400 mAh battery pack? Mayby someone know
how to open this battery pack?

Re: How to refill/recell IBM t41 battery?

Try your FRU at:

John T

Re: How to refill/recell IBM t41 battery? received my old battery 3 weeks ago.
They received my payment almost a month ago. Their 1-800 and 1 -909-
numbers don't get answered - they just ring.  Their website says 7 day
and you will receive a recored battery (not your) 14 + days if you want
the actual battery you mailed in to be recored and mailed back to you.

I've sent them 2 emails and not received a responce.

If their web site said it would take a month for delivery or if they
posted a page saying there are some fall delays or a spam email saying
all orders are going to take an additional 2 weeks - I wouldn't be

I can't help but wonder that if it's this hard to get your recored
battery then how hard would it be to make a warrenty claim.

I haven't found any post complaining about this company maybe I'm the
only one?

anybody else have trouble with these guys?

Re: How to refill/recell IBM t41 battery?

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Unless you really, really know what you are doing, I would not advise anyone
to attempt a DIY cell replacement.  In fact, I would emphatically advise
against it.  I do know what I am doing, but I would still baulk at the

Li-Ion cells are extremely dangerous devices if they are mistreated in any
way.  They contain extremely flammable electrolyte and can contain material
that will spontaneously ignite on contact with air.  They generate their own
oxygen while burning, and so are quite impossible to extinguish.  It is all
too easy to short one or more cells while attempting to open a pack.  Short
circuit = FIRE!.

From an electronic point of view, virtually all batteries contain circuitry
that manages the battery charging/discharging.  This circuit often holds
firmware, which in a few examples is retained using a very small amount of
power from the battery.  Disconnect the cells on these batteries, and the
firmware is lost (the battery will never work again).

Much better to get a reliable battery rebuilder to do the job for you.

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