How to pack a laptop for shipping

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I was recently asked how to pack a laptop for shipping (by an E-Bay
seller who simply threw one into a USPS Priority Mail "flat rate box",
which is only 2" thick (about the size of a Pizza box).

Ideally, a laptop’s lid should be supported at the edges only (if you
have seen the factory box for a laptop, that’s how they do it, and they
did a LOT of testing to design those boxes ... I used to work for two
laptop manufacturers).  You want to create a dead space over the laptop
lid, because pressure there can crack the LCD.  You also need a
reasonable degree of general shock absorbing for the entire laptop,
because boxes get thrown around a lot, and occasionally dropped.  You
can make a good package with bubble wrap, if you do it right:

The laptop will be wrapped in [at least] three layers of large-diameter
bubble wrap.  Make the FIRST layer of bubble wrap intentionally
incomplete ... starts about 2” in from the left edge on the top, pass
over the left edge and around to and under the bottom, coming up around
and over the right side edge, and stopping about 2” in from the right
edge, leaving no bubble wrap at all over the top center section of the
lid (this is because pressure in the central area of the top lid can
crack the LCD panel).  That is the FIRST layer.  Apply a piece of
package tape across the bubble wrap over the lid lid just to keep the
bubble wrap in place (put a piece of paper over the top of the laptop
lid, under the bubble wrap, just to keep “tape stickum” from getting on
the lid).  Now turn the laptop with this incomplete layer upside down on
a long strip of bubble wrap that will go all the way around the entire
laptop, completely covering the entire top and bottom; apply a short
piece of tape to keep this layer of bubble wrap closed also.  Next, wrap
the laptop all the way around again, full top and bottom in a 3rd layer
of bubble wrap that also again goes all the way around, 360 degrees, but
this time going around at right angles to the first two layers, “up and
down” instead of “left and right”.  You will have formed a slight
“pocket” over the top center of the lid where the very 1st layer didn’t
go all the way around.  This is intended, because pressure on the center
of the top (lid) can crack the LCD panel glass, so this pocket acts to
prevent such pressure from being applied.  The whole thing will now be
at least 7 inches thick.  Now put this "package" into a slightly larger
box, ideally with 1"-2" of foam peanuts on all 6 sides.  If you need to
  include the power adapter & cords, they should go under the bottom of
the laptop, also wrapped in bubble wrap.

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