How to Open Sony Vaio PCG-TR5AP?

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It is a somewhat old machine but I am forced to use it...  
At any rate I think the hard drive is showing signs of demise.
My question is, how can I opent he case?  I have opend other laptops
before, but this one has something I can't see holding it together.
Just above the vents pictures here, is where something is holding on.  I
can't see any clip.
Bottom of the machine.
Top with the screen open.

Imageshack is down - can't upload images...  Not sure why.

Re: How to Open Sony Vaio PCG-TR5AP?

Justin typed on Wed, 14 May 2008 13:37:32 +0000 (UTC):
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Well it looks like to me, that it is using those clamshell snaps which
can be somewhat easy or at worse a special tool without breaking
something. Using something like a paint scraper or such can sometimes
pop these off with little damage if you are really careful.

Although with a little practice, you can feel by slight flexing where
something is being held together. And it might not be the clamshell at

As for Imageshack, they are down from time to time. Although if you wait
about an hour, they are usually back again. The thing about websites,
they could be could be running in huge corporate buildings with massive
servers or in some kid's bedroom (or his basement) running on a 15 year
old 386.


Re: How to Open Sony Vaio PCG-TR5AP?

On Wed, 14 May 2008 Justin wrote:

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Once the majority of the screws are out, look carefully at the rear of
the keyboard for two plastic tabs that engage with protruding edges of
the metal keyboard surround. If you can get the keyboard past these you
can lift it towards you and disengage the ribbon cable(s) (I can't
remember if there are one or two). On the left under the keyboard you'll
find the final recessed screw.

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Re: How to Open Sony Vaio PCG-TR5AP?

I just realized I posted another article today...
Basically I couldn't reach aioe's site so I didn't think the post made it.

Kevin Reilly wrote:
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