How to open a Dell Power Supply/Charger

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Can anyone tell me the 'trick' to opening a Dell power supply/charger?

My old Dell Inspiron 5100 is still plugging along, but it's external
power supply/battery charger isn't. It began only working intermittently
some time ago. Recently it stopped altogether, but would light it's
green 'On' light briefly if I tapped it. Now not even that. Since it
seemed like a faulty connection would be the likely culprit, I tried to
separate the upper and lower halves of the unit, but could not get the
case to open. I'm currently out of the USA, so it will be awhile before
I could get a replacement unit.

The AC wall cord is still in excellent condition, and except for the
strain relief allowing the braided conductor to show through, so is the
output cable to the computer. The P/S is the PA-9 type; 20V, 4.51A,
model PA-1900-05D.

Re: How to open a Dell Power Supply/Charger

On 8/28/2012 6:46 PM, Ki_Image wrote:
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most are glued together.  You can't just pry them apart.
You have to fracture the joint...without hurting the
electronics just inside the plastic.

Clamp it in a vise with the seam just above the vise.
Whack it with a hammer on a wood chisel.  Start at a corner.
You want a sharp whack with a fast-moving lightweight hammer.
Slow heavy hammer won't do it.

It's really easy the SECOND time you do it.

Re: How to open a Dell Power Supply/Charger

On Tue, 28 Aug 2012 20:46:57 -0500, Ki_Image

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I don't know how to get one apart, mine look glued together. But why
mess with it. Google that PS number and you will find lots of them for
sale for under $20. Hardy worth messing with it when they're that

Re: How to open a Dell Power Supply/Charger

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Last time I needed to replace one, I found it on ebay.

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