how to increase resolution to 1280x1024 ?

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I have an IBM T43 15" TFT laptop.  While in office I plug the laptop
into a docking station which connects to a Dell 17" LCD.  I always have
the resolution set to 1280x1024 which is the optimal setting for the
Dell LCD.  However, when I use the laptop alone w/o the Dell LCD
monitor, the max setting for the laptop is only 1024x768.  Is there
anyway I can increase it to 1280x1024?

I know I can keep two different settings(1024x768 for laptop and
1280x1024 for exterbak Dell LCD) in the display properties but that's
not what I want.  It's because everytime I switch between the laptop
and the Dell LCD, all my icon location and windows size mess up which
is extremely annoying.


P.S. It's an IBM T43 15" with ATI Mobility Radeon X300 video card (64mb
video RAM)

Re: how to increase resolution to 1280x1024 ?

If the maximum resolution for your laptop is 1024 x 768 then the answer is
no.  You can not choose a resolution your screen is not capable of showing.
When you right click an empty portion of the laptop screen and choose
Properties>Settings what is shown as the maximum for your screen resolution?

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Re: how to increase resolution to 1280x1024 ?

You cannot do it in a way that will be satisfactory.

The laptop screen is physically comprised of a rectangular array of 1024
dots across by 768 dots vertically.  The Dell desktop display has 1280
dots across and 1024 dots vertically.  The displays themselves are
physically different.  There is no way to "add pixels" to the laptop
display.  You may be able to display the 1280x1024 image on the 1024x768
screen, but it will be done by leaving out many (almost half) of the
dots making up the image, and the result, while recognizeable, won't be
to your liking. wrote:
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Re: how to increase resolution to 1280x1024 ?

See IconRestore - this will remember + restore your icon layout....

install, then right click on "My Computer" - save icon layout/restore icon
layout.... easy


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