How to get best use fron new battery

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I have a new battery and they say on the pack it may take up to 5 times of
charging to full and letting it discharge to fully empty before it will be able
to fully charge.

Not sure whether this means I charge it to full then turn it on and leave it
until it discharges fully then charge it again or,

Charge it to full then use it as normal until it fully discharges then fully
charge it.

Any help please.

It is a Li-lon  5850 mAk battery  UN34AS1-T

Also how long should it last when in battery mode with normal use?



Re: How to get best use fron new battery

I would disregard the instructions.  They sound like instructions
someone wrote a decade ago for a NiCad battery (nickel cadnium), and
don't really apply to a lithium battery.

If you are going to actually run on battery often, then just use it
however you wish.  Note that extreme discharges (below 15% or 20%) will
shorten the life, and that Lithium batteries have a finite life (number
of charge-discharge cycles), after which they become pretty much useless
(the number varies, but it's in the mid-hundreds).  It's not clear to me
how "partial" charges and discharges figure into this.

If you are operating on AC power most of the time, I'd charge the
battery fully, use the computer on battery down to perhaps 25%, charge
it back up to about 60%-70% and then TAKE IT OUT OF THE LAPTOP and store
it at a nice comfortable temperature (climate controlled room temp).
Some people will recommend refrigeration, which is ok as long as you
don't freeze it, but I think that the difference between room temp. and
refrigeration (which is theoretically better) is not significant as a
practical matter (I have decade old batteries stored at normal room temp
that are nearly as good as new).

I buy, sell, repair and refurbish laptops and see hundreds of batteries
per year.  My one comment to you is that the very worst thing that you
can do is to leave the battery in the laptop when the laptop is running
on AC power (plugged into the wall) for long periods of time.  We are
not sure whether it's overcharging or heat (and it's probably both to
varying degrees on a model-by-model basis), but this will very often
destroy a perfectly good $200 battery in 9 to 24 months.  Otherwise,
these batteries can last from 5 years to more than a decade.

[If you do store it, some use every 3 to 6 months is highly desireable,
but 1 or 2 charge - discharge cycles is all that you need.]

Rock wrote:
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Re: How to get best use fron new battery

Thank you Barry,

I appreciate you sharing your time and expertise.  It makes sense what you say.

Most of my use except when I I am in transit is on mains use so I guess I
should get used to the idea of taking it out if I am in the office for a few days.

Thanks again.


..down under!!

  Barry Watzman wrote:
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