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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

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That I cannot believe - unless there is something odd with those computers.

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

Happy Oyster typed on Sun, 09 Aug 2009 02:24:07 +0100:
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Why is that hard to believe? As Windows or Mac OS doesn't run GRUB, the
last time I checked. <grin>

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

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That depends on the installation.

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

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Wubi installs Ubuntu in a regular Windows directory, so there is no
messing with partitions. It dual boots just like a regular Ubuntu
install. But if it messes up or you don't like it you can delete it
simply by removing it like any other application in Add or Remove
Programs in XP's Control Panel. A very safe way to play with Linux. /

Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

On Fri, 17 Jul 2009 21:44:55 -0500, "ps56k"

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Knoppix is designed for use as "live CD" - it's possible to install it
on a HD bat that wasn't the purpose of Knoppix - I'd recommend to look
for a distribution other than Knoppix if you plan to install it on
your HD - if Knoppix worked nicely on your Dell and supported all your
hardware without problems, the fact that Knoppix is based on the
Debian distribution might be a good starting point to look - apart
from Debian itself you'll find quite a handful of other Distributions
that are based on Debian and for a couple of reasons more popular than
Debian itself - Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint and others come to mind...

For a closer look and additional info, might
be a good starting point...

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Most of the recent distributions should be able to install a Linux
side by side to a Windows XP without you having to do any additional
handiwork - when you arrive at the partitioning during the install
process of Linux, the partitioner should automatically recognize the
XP partition and offer you the choice of a side-by-side installation
and from then on the Linux boot loader will give you the choice of the
OS on boot time...

...just a thought though: depending on the resources (RAM) and
performance (speed) of your Dell, another way of playing around with
different operating systems including the full installation of such
would be the use of virtual machines like VirtualBox ( ) - on my current Laptop I have XP and
Vista in dual boot and VirtualBox as host running under XP for playing
around with different guest systems like Windows 7, Ubuntu, Kubuntu,
Mint, Mandriva, Fedora, Debian & OpenSUSE - all of them run reasonably
well on my hardware without having to mess around with additional
installations, but it depends on your RAM and your CPU if that would
be a viable option - the advantage of virtual machines are that
whatever problems or mistakes might happen while playing around with
the guest OS will remain in the virtual machine and not affect your
main operating system - and if you're done with playing and testing
you can simply delete the virtual machine...

Good luck


Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

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Well for starters, the story that Linux won't hurt your Windows XP
installation *isn't* so! For example, Ubuntu Live ran from a flash drive
toasted my XP install on one of my EeePC. As in the taskbar, I run iBand
in the toolbar. And after running Ubuntu Live, it would hang XP with
just a background and a window showing Windows Installer and nothing
else. I had to boot up BartPE and rename the iband.dll to something else
to get it working once again. Also restoring the registry back with
ERUNT works too. I ran Ubuntu two more times just to make sure it was
Ubuntu that was screwing up XP. And yes it was.

Now for booting XP and Linux, Microsoft did something really nice with
Vista and Windows 7. As they changed from MBR to BCD for booting your
OS'. Not only can BCD boot Vista / Windows 7, but also DOS, Win9x,
2000/XP. Linux and anything else you can think of. Plus you can have
zillions of primary partitions too. It is really nice.

Problem is, Microsoft's tool to edit the BCD is a command line utility
and it is just awful! Luckily you don't have to use it. As NeoSmart
Technologies has created a free version called EasyBCD to edit it. You
don't need Vista or Windows 7 on your drive to use it. As it runs under
older versions of Windows too. And it is really slick. And you can
create BCD or MBR, or toast either one as well. It sure made my life so
much easier. I would not be afraid to use it under any multi-boot system
running any OS. Well for all of the well known OS anyway. <wink>

And if something ever goes wrong, just recreate the MBR once again. That
will get XP up and running once again (assuming your boot.ini didn't get
toasted). And once XP boots, then you can use EasyBCD once again to get
all of the other OS to boot up too. <grin>

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - VISTA & Linux

"BillW50" wrote:
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    For most people dual-booting with Vista, EasyBCD
( )
or VistaBootPro
( )
are the ways to go.  But those who like "doing it themselves"
without a 3rd-party utility can use BCD directly with a procedure
that I put together from several Web articles.  With this method,
I've set up a dual-boot between Vista and Ubuntu on my Dell laptop,
wherein the Vista boot manager gives the option to boot either Vista
(the default) or Ubuntu.  Selecting Ubuntu brings up Grub, which gives
the option to boot Ubuntu (the default) or Vista.  Selecting Vista
brings up the Vista boot manager again.  So the user can use either
boot manager to boot its "native" OS.  Here is the set-up procedure:


Install Grub to Linux partition (not to MBR)

in Ubuntu:

find device names of Vista(VV) and Linux(LL) partitions
  System/Preferences/Hardware Information/SCSI Adapter [CANNOT FIND]
  sudo fdisk -l

copy the boot sector of the Linux partition
  directly to the root of the Vista partition
(check the name of the Vista partition in /media)
  sudo dd if=/dev/sdLL  of=/media/sdVV/Ubootsect.bin  bs=512  count=1

Use Synaptic to load Gparted from installation DVD,
mark Vista partition "active" to load Vista's BCD
  [use Gparted's "Manage flags" to set the "boot" flag]

  sudo gparted

in Vista:

rt-click command prompt icon, select "Run as administrator",
show the current boot menu entries
  bcdedit /enum

(if there is already an obsolete entry for Ubuntu,
 delete it with:  bcdedit /delete      )

in Vista's command prompt, make a new BCD entry
  bcdedit /create /d "Ubuntu" /application BOOTSECTOR

  [rt-click|Mark, highlight "{long hex no.}", rt-click]
  [refer to the returned long hex no. as "UbuntuID"]

declare the ID as a boot device
  [rt-click|Paste to fill in "" in cmd below]

  bcdedit /set device boot
  [including the braces]

specify the path to the copy of the Ubuntu boot sector
  bcdedit /set path \Ubootsect.bin

add Ubuntu entry to the boot time menu
  bcdedit /displayorder /addlast

set default OS timeout to be 10 seconds
  bcdedit /timeout 10

show the new boot menu entries
  bcdedit /enum

in Ubuntu, edit boot menu
  sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Have fun!

Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - VISTA & Linux

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Very nice and professional Tim. <grin>

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

Ubuntu will respect existing partitions if you ask it to.

I no longer dual boot however, having found that Cygwin running on XP
gives all the linux functionality I need.  A surprising number of things work

In fact I don't see how anybody survives on XP without it.

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Re: how to dual boot - Dell laptop - XP & Linux

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That is a wrong guess.

1. The problems are not caused by Linux. Windows XP messes up the partitions and
the bootsectors.

2. Cygwin is not Linux! Programs have to be compiled anew to run on Cygwin. This
reduces the number of programs AND it poses a problem for upgrades.

3. Having Linux as an additional OS gives the freedom of more tools AND raises
security because it is ONE WAY MORE to boot the machine. Cygwin can only run
AFTER Windows was booted successfully.

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