How's the Dell computer??

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Hi, if you've owned a Dell pc, how is/was it? any pros / cons.... And
where are they actually manufactured?  Thanks very much!

Re: How's the Dell computer??

Brace yourself since you are bound to get a ton of replies with this post.
Personally I have had at least 6 Dells and would not buy any other brand
based on the performance and stability I have seen. Support has been good
for me and the systems have been almost 100% trouble free. The odd time
(maybe 3 times with all of the systems combined) that I have called, the
problem was corrected or the proper hardware to correct the problem was sent
out very fast. We just bought an Inspiron 6000 and love it.

I am sure that everyone has their own story but my experience has been
exceptionally good. My wife won't let me buy any other brand...and yes the
I6000 is basically hers...grin.

John O.

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Re: How's the Dell computer??

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It's no laptop, but......I have a Dimension 5000 and a 17" analog flatpanel.
Bought it last April, works like a charm, right out of the box.
So problems whatsoever, PC makes almost no noise, screen is great.

European Dells are "assembled" in Ireland,  Don't know about US-Dells.

YMMV, Folkert

Re: How's the Dell computer??

I own a Dimension 4700 and an Inspiron 9300 and I love them.  I've had no
problems with Dell Customer Service or Dell Technical Support.  The one, and
only, time I placed a call to Customer Service I had a wait time on hold of
about 6 or 7 minutes.  The Customer Service person was not in India, she was
from Minnesota.

I have placed only two calls to Technical Support, for information, there
was/is nothing wrong with either of my computers, and both times the support
person was in India.  New Delhi, I think.  One was a young woman and the
other an older gentleman.  The woman had a very charming accent, sort of
British/Indian, and was very helpful.  The man had a thicker accent, but he
immediately apologized for it and he took everything slowly so I could
understand him.  He was actually very funny and also very helpful.

It is my understanding that the vast majority of Dell desktops and many
laptops are "manufactured" offshore.  Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and Ireland
(of all places) come to mind.

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Re: How's the Dell computer?? wrote:
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I am on my second Dell Laptop from work in the last 6 years (Lattitude
C640 and Lattitude D610).

I like both machines though near the end of the lease of the C640 I
started having lots of problems (hard drive failed and then about 8
months later the motherboard failed).

I like the fact that they still have the "eraser tip" pointing device.
Display has been consistently bright when undocked.  Built in Wireless
has given me no problems.

I have no idea where they are manufactured.

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