How much Memory XP/PRO usese???

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Does anyone know about the nr of gigs xp/pro uses on the c: drive??
I had my HD partitioned as follows
xp/pro 12 gigs
win95   5 gigs
and whats left over as a Dos partition.  The c: drive is a 20 gig HD.
I thought certainly 12 gigs would be adequate for xp/pro,  but now I
have trouble defragging c: drive under xp/pro as it says c: drive needs
to be defragged but when I try it, it starts then stops and says
unsufficient space on c: drive to do the defrag!!!
Only stuff I added beyond the xp/pro itself is Partition Magic v8,
Ghost v9,  and Virtual PC.   Properties tells me that out of the
12 gigs size I have used up 9.7 gigs of it.
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Re: How much Memory XP/PRO usese???

It depends on what software you have installed.  With a fairly minimal
software installation, you typically need 6 gigabytes minimum.  With a
moderate to heavy load of software packages, 12 gigabytes is not enough.
  Whatever you have, defragmentation is going to want AT LEAST 10% to
20% of the drive free for "work space".  You are on the threshold of that.

Hard drives are incredibly cheap these days.  Last week, I bought two
200 gigabyte drives, one from Staples and one from CompUSA, for $29.95
each (not stripped down drives, either:  7200rpm, 8 meg cache).  This
week, OfficeMax has a 320 gig WD drive for $129 after rebates.  I got a
Maxtor 300 gig drive from TigerDirect for $99.  Why anyone screws around
with a 20 gig drive on a heavy-use system is beyond me.  [However, be
careful with the 137 gig barrier and Windows 9x of any flavor, or even
early versions of XP.  One write beyond 137 gigs with an OS that isn't
48 bit LBA compatible, and the entire drive's contents may be history.]

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