How much can an old lappy do?

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OK peeps check this out. I have a Dell Latitude C640. It had one USB
port, (1.0), 2 PC card slots, one free memory slot, 256Mb RAM, swapable
CD/DVD/Floppy drive, and a 40Gb HDD. It now has 512Mb RAM, external
seagate 250Mb USB HDD, 2 port USB PC Card adaptor, 4 port USB hub,
external USB DVD/RW in enclosure, PCDJ DAC-2 controller. How long
before it falls over? I have Broadband connected to the Ethernet port,
(much faster and keeps USB port free) and often leave it on 24/7. Will
this damge it? or should I invest in one of those Laptop stands with
extra fans? It is in a room that doesn't get too hot, on a desk under
the window, maybe should open it when in the house? (can't leave it
open there is a flat roof under it - don't want kit going missing!) Any
feedback welcome.

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