How does wireless lan work?

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I have a new laptop with wireless lan. I notice I can pick up other op
peoples connection in my apartment building. Im giving the
computer to a relative who only has a dial up connection and
 I dont think the laptop has a dial up modem. I was wondering
what I need to do to get wireless lan to pick up the dial up connection

Re: How does wireless lan work?

You can't get the wireless setup to use a dial-up connection. Try
reading your manual or learn how to have the operating system tell you
what devices are installed on your system. Lacking either if these, use
your eyes to examine the machine for a modem port.

You could also search the web for "free wireless" where your relative
will be taking the system. One place to try is the local public library.
Of course, you'll have to teach them how to setup a wireless connection.

Phil Sherman wrote:
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Re: How does wireless lan work?

Dial-up and wireless LAN are two totally different things.  It's like
asking what kind of tires you put on your car to make it fly (or drive
across rivers).

To use dial-up you need a modem.  This can be internal, PC Card or
external (serial or USB).  If you don't have one, they are fairly cheap,
should be able to get one for $20 or less.

To use a wireless LAN your relative would normally need a cable or DSL
service provider.  Really, he should do that anyway, Dial-up is a fossil
and should not be used by anyone who has inexpensive cable or DSL
available, and in most cases you can get DSL for less than dial-up
(usually for $12.95 to $18.95 per month).

Don't use someone else's wireless without their permission.  While it
may be perfectly possible, in most states it's a felony and you can
actually end up going to prison. wrote:
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Re: How does wireless lan work?

I dont really get the analogy because special tires allow you to drive
on water and I'm sure there are special tires for getting off the

My brother sees computers as unnecessary expense or complication of
life so he will likely stick with free dial up.
Hopefully he will become skilled and stealing broadband from his
neighbours or libraries, etc..

Thanks for the help though I have become depressed over
being burdened by idiot relatives.

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Re: How does wireless lan work?

Your brother (and you) should be aware that using someone else's wireless
internet connection without their permission is morally wrong and is a


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Re: How does wireless lan work?

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While I don't do it, I'm not so sure about it being a crime or immoral.  The
waves are just hanging out there much like a Starbucks or anyplace that has
public access.  It would be wrong to use an open signal and try to break
into that person's computer or network, or compromise their network in any
way.  Otherwise, I think it's more like when an apple falls from your
neighbor's tree into your yard.

BTW, there are some limitations to using someone else's signal, especially
if you have an e-mail account that is not Web based.

Also, it's really up to the person who has the signal to encrypt it.  In my
state if you leave your keys in your car and it's stolen, YOU get a ticket
and are held partially responsible for the theft of your car.

Re: How does wireless lan work?

Re: "I'm not so sure about it being a crime"

It is.  People have gone to jail.  The laws vary by state, but it's
definitely illegal in many states under various statues (some are
computer specific, some (theft of service) are not).

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