how do you get access to a laptop motherboard?

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I have bad-flashed the BIOS of a 3 year old toshiba laptop.

How do you get to the motherboard to replace the BIOS chip? The case
doesn't have enough screws to open it, and I'm becoming dubious whether
the BIOS chip isn't soldered down somehow ...

ideas ?

- niel

Re: how do you get access to a laptop motherboard?

You are probably screwed even if you get access to the motherboard.
First, the chips in question are not socketed and, second, on more
recent products, the BIOS is usually stored inside the chipset itself
and not in a separate memory chip.

However, as to your question:  You have to COMPLETELY disassemble the
laptop.  The difficulty of this varies enormously.  I service laptops,
and there are laptops I can open in 5 minutes, and others that I simply
won't work on at that level at all, period.  You definitely need a
service manual (fortunately, for most Toshiba laptops, these can be
found on E-Bay as CDs containing PDF files of Toshiba laptop service
manuals).  Again, on some laptops it's easy, on some it's all but
impossible.  However, for anyone without laptop service training and/or
experience, if you try it you will usually ruin the laptop.

[Some Toshiba laptops have an undocumented recovery procedure for a bad
bios flash, but since you didn't give a model number, I can't look that
up for you ....] wrote:

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