How do I install Win98se with only CD?

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I have a Compaq M700 that is currently running Win95 and I would like to
upgrade to Win98SE.

I have a CD and a floppy bay but only one can be installed a one time.

To do a clean install I will need to boot from the floppy and format "C"

If I boot to DOS in Win95 my "D" drive CD does not show.

Ideally I would like to copy my Win98se files to the hard drive before

I have located the /ie switch to turn off the startup disk requirement
during setup but not sure how I get to installing from the CD after booting
from the floppy.

Can someone help?


Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

The EASIEST way, IMHO, is to do the following:

1. Copy contents of Win98 CD to C:\WIN98
2. Reboot to raw DOS mode (off the hard disk)
3. deltree /y c:\progra~1
4. deltree /y c:\windows
5. cd c:\win98\win98 and run setup

Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

Could it be this simple?


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Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

You only want to copy the contents of the Win98 folder from \Win98 on
the CD to \Win98 on the hard drive.  You don't need to, or even want to
copy the entire CD.

But basically, yes, this will work.  It's not a total, 100% wipe of your
hard drive to "clean" but it will be a clean install of Windows.

Amyotte wrote:

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Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

Amyotte wrote:
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The boot floppy, using the Win98 Emergency Boot Disk as an example,
should have basic ATAPI CD drivers installed as a part of its startup
operation.  You should see this happen from the scripting to the screen
and be offered the choice of basic CD driver support during boot.

Your CD drive is usually D:, but your boot floppy might install a RAM
disk as D: so that your CD drive becomes E: . After boot from the
floppy, you can fdisk and format C: from the boot floppy,i.e.,
A:\fdisk.  This procedure will eliminate the RAM disk, so again boot
with the floppy after you've prepared the HD and if the boot floppy does
install a RAM disk, execute E:\setup or if no RAM disk execute D:\setup
with the install CD in the CD drive.

If by chance your boot floppy does not offer basic CD support, then go
to and select a boot disk option for Win95/98 that
offers basic CD support.  Alternatively, you can create a Win98
Emergency Boot Disk with basic CD support from some other Win98


Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:36:17 -0500, "Amyotte"

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     I have not worked with this particular laptop, but I have dealt
with this problem on others.  The easiest way is to get a flash card
for the PCMCIA port and copy the contents of the startup floppy onto
it.  In order for this to work, you must be able to boot from the
PCMCIA port.  This is a problem with some computers.
     The other approach is to copy the contents of the startup floppy
onto the C drive and then change the autoexec.bat and config.sys files
so that the CD support is activated on bootup.

THANKS - SUCCESS was Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

Thanks All

Been at this for hours and I think I won.

I read on the web somewhere, think it was nibbleguru (been doing a lot of
reading), that I could create a bootable CD using the info
on a boot floppy and also include the win98 files on this CD.  Made a couple
using different boot floppy files from the web as I could not locate any
win98 boot disks here.  Used to have lots when I built and repaired
computers.  Anyways finally found one that works.  I have formatted the "c"
drive and I have installed win98se.

I used the /ie command after the setup exe to avoid having to make a floppy
boot disk.

I had purchased a CD off eBay before Xmas that included supposedly all the
files needed for any Armada series laptop.  See shortly how complete it is.

Thanks for your guidance.


Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

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if at first you don't suck seeds Google


Re: How do I install Win98se with only CD?

Your problem is that you don't know how to make a bootable floppy disk
that has CD-ROM support, and then to use that to make the hard drive DOS
bootable with CD-ROM support.

Format a floppy with the /S switch to make it bootable.  I'd recommend
doing this on a Windows 98 2nd edition system.  Use the "new" version of
Fdisk released by MS on 5/18/2000 that properly recognizes "larger" hard
drives (it's a free download from the Microsoft web site).

Put MSCDEX and the driver for the CD-ROM on that floppy.  The driver
that comes with Windows should work, it's called oakcdrom.sys and you
should be able to find it on almost any Windows 98 computer.  Also put
Format, FDISK and XCOPY (all parts thereof) on that disk.  Also

In Config.sys, put in the line that loads the CD-ROM device driver, you
config.sys file will probably look something like this:


Your Autoexec.bat file will look something like:


Use FDISK & Format to "blow away" the existing partition and create a
new, blank partition (or partitions, if you are so inclined).
"format/s" to make that partition bootable.  Copy MSCDEX and the CD-ROM
driver, and everything else listed above, and autoexec.bat and
config.sys to the now bootable hard drive, this should give you CD-ROM
support when booting from the hard drive into DOS.

Remove the floppy drive, and install the CD-ROM drive.

Use XCopy to copy the "\Win98" folder from the Windows 98 CD to the hard

Now you should be able to install Windows 98 entirely from the hard
drive without using either the floppy drive or the CD-ROM drive at all,
which is the "correct" (best) way to do it.

Amyotte wrote:
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