How do I clean an LCD screen?

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I have an Acer Extensa 2000 notebook.   I bought it just before last
Christmas and have enjoyed using it ever since.   Recently I have noticed
that the LCD screen is starting to get dusty and I would like to clean it.
Can someone point me in the right direction as to what cleaning agent, if
any, to use.

Many thanks in advance for any contributions.


Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?


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Tons of options.

I use the iKlear product, it's a 2-packet wipe solution. The damp wipe
gets at the dirt, and the dry wipe gets rid of any residues and
polishes.  Works good, no complaints.

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Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

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I found something that looks like a feather duster only with many fine
strands of multicoloured plastic. These have a built-in electric field
('electrets', which are the electrical analogue of magnets). This is
designed to be strong enough to attract dust particles off whatever you rub
it over, yet weak enough so you can knock the dust off by whacking it
against a wall outside.

They really do work, they are cheap, and perfect for getting dust off TV
screens, LCD screens, keyboards, hi-fi, other black high-tech goods, etc.

Being dry, it leaves no residue or screen smears.
Applies no pressure to fragile LCD screens.

It beats dusters, which don't hold onto dust unless you spray some cleaning
polish onto them first.

Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

There are purpose made solutions for cleaning LCD screens.  Your local
Staples, Office Depot or Circuit City should have them.  Make sure any
product you buy specifically mentions LCD screens in the instructions for
usage.  Do not ever use any product like Windex on your LCD screen.

The best thing to use is simply pure, clean water on a cotton cloth.  Just
dampen the cloth lightly and wipe softly and carefully.  Your LCD screen is
fragile and easily scratched or damaged.  Never, ever, ever use a paper
towel on any screen.  Paper is highly abrasive.  Good for cleaning your
kitchen, horrible for cleaning display screens.  That goes for your
television screen, too.

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Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

For routine cleaning, use a lint-free VERY SOFT cloth and the lens
cleaner sold at optical departments in Sears, Sam's Club and eye-care
opticians.  The cloth must be soft or it may scratch the panel and leave
"swirl marks".

If you have a particular stain that a water-based lens cleaner won't
remove, it's ok, in my opinion, to use Windex OCCASIONALLY.  Windex
contains ammonia and is stronger than the eyeglass cleaners.  It cleans
well, but the ammonia can yellow the plastic front surface of the screen
over a period of time if used frequently.  But once or twice a year
seems to be ok.  Of course the soft cloth rule still applies.

Whatever you use, spray the liquid on the cloth, not the screen.  You
don't want the stuff dripping down inside the bezel, some laptops have
the inverter below the screen.

Alan McGrath wrote:

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Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

Barry Watzman wrote:
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With all due respect, every other reference I've seen has pointed away
from ammonia. It's just not worth the risk.


Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

I service laptop computers and have worked for 2 laptop mfgrs. and have
been a product manager for LCD displays.  While in general I agree with
the advice, my own experience is that I have never observed very
occasional, very infrequent use of Windex (which is hardly pure ammonia)
to be a problem, and it does clean things that more gentle cleaners
don't clean at all or smear and make worse.  I'm talking about no more
than once or twice a year, MAX, and no more often than that.

Notan wrote:
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Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

Go to Best Buy or any other electronics store and look for this guy:

I've used it on my Sager 8790 and it has a glossy screen, so it shines
like a window would.  I've used this for over 6 months now with no

Re: How do I clean an LCD screen?

I'd avoid anything liquid if at all possible.

Use an electret duster to remove dry dust.

If you get stuff that doesn't come off as easily as dust (e.g. fly-poo, spit
from sneezing, fingerprints), use a soft lint-free cloth _slightly_
moistened with a appropriate solvent that will evaporate without residue
(e.g. distilled water for fly-poo and spittle, or some kind of light alcohol
for oily muck).

And of course, do not press hard and take care not to let it dribble into
the innards!

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