how can i charge battery

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hi...i have a hp will work off the battery but wont
charge it or work off there any way i can charge up the
battery without using the laptop....thanks

Re: how can i charge battery

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 05:29:20 -0700 (PDT),

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I have an IBM Thinkpad with the same problem. I bought a separate
charger that has a connector that fits the battery. With it you can
charge the battery (only when out of the PC), then use the PC on

This particular unit will charge two batteries. It uses the power
brick that would ordinarily be connected to the PC..... just plug it
into the battery charger instead (so you need to already have a
working power brick).

My guess is that HP would have something similar for it's laptops.

Re: how can i charge battery

If you haven't got the  battery charger, then WHY not trying to fix
the laptop fault and to enable it to charge the battery?

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Re: how can i charge battery


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Maybe HPs are cheaper to repair than Thinkpads. My Thinkpad was
evaluated, and cost to repair was quite a bit higher than buying a
used (same) model, or a cheap (new) laptop.

In fact, the cost to repair laptops make me wonder why they are so
popular, with many people seeming to use them as a desktop

Re: how can i charge battery

Charlie Hoffpauir typed on Sat, 04 Apr 2009 07:15:06 -0500:
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Well my first laptop was back in '84. I have had 12 more since then. Why
have a monster box with huge loud fans when a tiny silent netbook only
using 10 watts will do the same job as well?

As far as the cost of repairs. Well I have been really lucky. As only
one of the 13 ever failed after 5 years of service. It was designed
without a fan and it cooked itself to death. Dang Toshiba T1950CS ('94
era). Also not worth fixing.

But in the same amount of time, I had 6 desktops fail on me. So laptops
last so much longer than desktops in my experience. Probably not true
for everybody though.

And the last 10 years, I have been buying laptops in twos. Well I
usually wait almost a year and buy the second one used for spare parts.
That way I can just swap parts to get one working again and then I can
take my time hunting for inexpensive parts to replace the one that I

The only ones that I have had to repair though is just the spare parts
ones I purchased that had problems with them originally. But it is very
comforting thought that I can swap my laptop's hard drive with a spare
and I can be back up running in a minute. No service contract in the
world can beat this service. <grin>

Asus EEE PC 701G4 ~ 2GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC
Windows XP SP2

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