Holy Smokes! - electrical problem?

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I have a Compaq Presario laptop, a few years old.  I started having
trouble a while back with the power adapter.  It seemed that there
may have been a short in it somewhere, as I had to kinda twist it a
bit right at the end where it plugs into the laptop in order to make
it work.

That worked for a while, until one day I was using the laptop and
started to smell smoke!  Sure enough, there were little wisps of
smoke coming from the vents right by the power supply.

Since then I just the laptop sit (replaced with a desktop).  But the
other day I figured I would give it another try.  I plugged in the
adapter, and the green light lit up like normal.  The laptop would
not boot, however.  I clicked the power button and got nothing.  And
sure enough, after about ten seconds I started to smell that stench.

Questions: A) Any idea what happened?  And B) Is this fixable, or is
the thing shot?

Thanks very much in advance for any insight you can offer.

Re: Holy Smokes! - electrical problem?

chumdawg wrote:
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A. The smoke is installed at the factory.  A short circuit can release

B.  Reinstallation of smoke requires professional repair.

Seriously, you'll have to diagnose the short circuit.  It is likely the
power supply circuitry is burned/main fuse has opened, and that usually
is a mainboard replacement unless this has a separate power module that
can be replaced.


Re: Holy Smokes! - electrical problem?

Sounds like a 700 series Presario.. These have major issues in the
supply circuits. I dont think were going to mess with anymore of
these however as they are getting too old to be economical and the
boards are hard to find used and good enough to repair.

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