Hitachi Visionbook part needed

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I am in a pickle. My wife has an older model Hitachi Visionbook Pro
7000, which she only uses for email and an occasional Word doc. It is
in desparate need of a re-formatting and re-install, but I need to use
the floppy drive for this. Here is the problem - the floppy drive
requires a plastic housing bracket that allows the drive to fit in the
same bay as the CD drive. Yeah - the bracket is nowhere to be found.
Haven't had to use the floppy in a long time. But the floppy drive
won't work (isn't seen) without the housing.

So. (hold breath) Anyone out there have one they could sell, or even
lend? I just need it long enough to get this beast cleaned up and
re-built. She only needs it till the end of summer, when she will have
the funds for a new one, but needs to keep this puppy running for a
while longer.

Any leads appreciated!

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