Hitachi E7K60 vs. 7K60 disk drives

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I thought I saw a warning on Hitachi's own website against using the
E7K60 in laptops because it didn't implement some power reduction
strategy that the 7K60 has, since it's intended to be used in blades
and servers.

Now I can't find that, and if you go through the "Select a drive"
process on their Web site, they recommend both the 7K60 and E7K60 for

Am I remembering wrong, have they changed the E7K60 in some way, or
am I looking in the wrong places?

According to the spec sheets for the two drives currently on
Hitachi's Web site, the E7K60 doesn't have specs for "Active idle" or
"Low power idle" states, so if the spec sheet is up to date, it looks
like those are the power-saving features that aren't implemented.

Bert Hyman | St. Paul, MN |

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