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Re: Help with Wifi antenna

Spaghettis should read Spaghettios

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Re: Help with Wifi antenna

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Thanks Chuck,
  That BiQuad seems very simple and 14dbi seems like a lot for a simple
small antenna.
As for all the other fun stuff, not now, all I want now is internet access.
But I need some gain.
I'm still waiting for my USB wifi adapter card to arrive.  I hope to have an
antenna ready to
connect to the USB wifi adapter card.

Re: Help with Wifi antenna

amdx wrote:

If you wish to use a router/switch/adapter with a fixed antenna, this
page may be helpful: /


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Re: Help with Wifi antenna

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FYI, alt.internet.wireless discusses this topic often.

I prefer the biquad antenna, which you can augment with a dish. I have
a short-cut method to build this antenna. With a combination of these
photographs and this link, you should be able to figure it out. /

Note you don't need to make the loop a square. Use a circle of the
same circumference.

There is a disadvantage to using the helix. It will receive both
horizontal and vertical polarization.  Most sites just send in one
polarization. In busy areas, the same channel will be used in
different sites with different polarity. Now if you use the helix to
illuminate a dish, then the circular polarization is fine and perhaps
desirable. That is, you could sniff out signals without the
attenuation associated with having the wrong polarization.

Re: Help with Wifi antenna

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Why not to use an older 802.11g
Usb Wlan stick (good one w/ onboard chip smd ceramic antenna, much
better than w/ Pcb printed one) & some "metal"  DIY "range enhancers"
?  :-)

See pics & data & measures in cm
to get some clues & ideas
    (text is in my native-slovene, so you won´t understand it;
sorry, still had no time to make an english version of that articles
for those UsbKey active antennas; inside URLs can be also seen at

DIY wifi USBkeY range Enhancers-boosters ´4 Dummies´  :-)

Ultimate wifi antenna TinCan Enhancers - part-2 ...    :-)

problems with Usb cable lenght limitation? No more even w/o powered
hubs ... :-)   (DIY, custom up to 21m, all data in english there on

Have fun! :-)

There is also to check other stuff at wish:

Default Wlan Pci Card antenna_on_cable Enhancer 6dBi

Cornet enhancers for some different type antennas up to 12dBi

& also parabolic pot or wok cover  (+ bucket shape add-on) "passive"
antenna experiment with at least 20dBi gain:
ST™-maxX antena (= project-X) 21dbi

well, I think that now you´ve got enough material (pics &
drawings/sketches) to check  & maybe try some stuff by yourself  :-))
                Regards ,  SPAJKY ®
   mail addr. @ my site @
   5y - "Tualatin OC-ed / BX-Slot1 / inaudible setup!"

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