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I have a new laptop coming, with a 120GB hard drive and Vista. I
would like to set up XP and, perhaps, Linux. Where will I find
help in doing that?

Re: Help with dual boot

Ike wrote:
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It is actually easy.  First, install XP on the drive.  Next, install
Vista in another partition.

Lastly, install your Linux, using Linux boot managers Lilo or Grub on
another partition.  The Linux boot manager will identify your installed
operating systems and allow you to choose the OS at startup, including
the option to choose the default OS for booting.

Alternatively, purchase and install Acronis boot manager.  It will
search your disk for installed operating systems and present boot
options at startup.  Install each OS in its own partition(s) and let
Acronis manage your booting.


Re: Help with dual boot

First, there are issues with dual booting XP and Vista, and you should
satisfy yourself that those issues are acceptable to you.  In
particular, "system restore" won't work in either OS.

Second, there is definitely a preferred installation order, and it's
probably XP, then Vista, then Linux (or possibly Linux first, but
definitely XP before Vista).

You need some kind of a boot manager; I think that all 3 of these OS'
come with one, but there are possible issues and you may find a 3rd
party boot manager to be the best solution.

Ike wrote:
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Re: Help with dual boot

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Try that's where I started before I attempted my
WinXp/Ubuntu dual boot system.

Happily running Ubuntu 7.04 on my ACER 2428 laptop.

Gerry (The MOTH)

Re: Help with dual boot

Gerry (The MOTH) wrote:
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Great - thanks!

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