Help uninstall on acer laptop!

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I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5672.  Good laptop for the value, even
if the casing feels a little weak. (although somehow i feel ripped off

Well, I wanted to remove some of the preinstalled Junk, and I was able
to remove some of it... but a few of Acer's programs, like their eData
software, froze add/remove programs when I tried to remove it...  at
first I ignored it, cause i assumed Acer was being stuburn, and so I
just left the stuff on the computer...
But now I'm encountering this same problem with other programs as
well!! >_<  I had installed a few programs, and now decided I didn't
need them... but when I tryed to uninstall them, 2 out of 3 freeze up
add/remove programs upon clicking the remove button!

I've even tried a 3rd party uninstall program, to remove them... but it
still just freezes when I try!  And I dont believe those programs left
anything running in the background... well the Acer stuff does, but my
other programs shouldn't have anything in the background.

I find this very frustrating... and I can't think of a solution!  Any
help would be much appriciated!  I could be missing something simple...
-_- but i need other opinions.

Anyway, I ask this here because i've never experianced this problem
before with a desktop pc... and this is my first laptop... So does
anyone else know what I can do???

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help uninstall on acer laptop!

NikoKun wrote:
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Do the Safe Mode uninstall that Kevin suggested.  If that doesn't work,
do the following.

Open a command prompt and type chkdsk /r to repair the file structure
and search for bad HD sectors.  You will be told the disk cannot be
locked, do you want to run chkdsk on the next boot.  Type Y for yes.

If you've been into the registry all you might not be able to correct
this error unless you have a working restore point.


Re: Help uninstall on acer laptop!

Ah thanks, the safemode worked well... ^_^\  silly me.  I haven't used
safemode since 98... lol

now i just have to convert this stupid thing to ntfs (darn you acer) XD
and merge the partitions back together... god only knows why Acer
insists on doing this with all their laptops...

Re: Help uninstall on acer laptop!


Out of interest which acer software did you remove and what method did you
use for converting to NTFS and merging the partitions?



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