Help to install Windows on new laptop harddisk, Vista drivers CD not provided

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Few days  ago I bought a brand new HP note book (HP 530 notebook core
duo processor) and I'm still unable to install Windows Vista on its
During Win vista installation I always get an error that hard disk was
not detected, however the harddisk is good because I succeeded to
install Linux on this computer.
I got advised to add the HP drivers trying to edit the Windows Vista CD
installation kit with a free software named 'Vista Lite Windows CD
editor.' ( )
Since I'm not a 'computer person' I don't know how to work with vlite
software or with any other Vista editor to edit or configure Windows
Vista.  Also Iím not sure that this is a real solution.
If anyone had the same problem, I would be glad to get a simpler
solution to make my new notebook to work with Windows Vista. I have to
mention that I didn't receive any drivers CD together with the laptop.


Re: Help to install Windows on new laptop harddisk, Vista drivers CD not provided

Most likely the laptop has SATA drives and the SATA hard drives do not
emulate an IDE drive in the bios of your HP laptop (this is very common
with laptops).  In order to install an OS in such cases, you likely need
an "F6" driver (this isn't a specific driver, but rather how you use and
install it .... the driver itself is specific to the chipset that your
computer uses and could be any of hundreds).

The situation that you find yourself in is likely something that a good
computer technician could resolve, but is likely WAY over your head if
your own description of your knowledge in this area is that "I'm not a
'computer person"

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