Help. Thinkpad won't boot.

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I forgot and left the laptop on during a storm with phone jack plugged
in. When I came back the animated screen saver had frozen on the
screen. Now when I try to boot up I get a black screen, no sound or
lights from the hard drive. The Cd drive does spin up and the fan
runs. I have tried unplugging the CMOS battery, memory, and hard drive
then replugging them but had no luck.  Also tried putting in a XP
installation CD to see if it could boot from it-----still nothing. The
T40 thinkpad worked perfectly before this happened. I have no recovery
CD.  Should I remove and test the hard drive next?

Re: Help. Thinkpad won't boot.

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Since it doesn't try CD either, I would not think bad HDD.
If you hard just a bad hard drive you'd get a message stating - can't boot
Tell us more. Can you get into BIOS at all ? Check settings.
With no HDD in there, does it recognize the hdd is missing ?
Remove modem ?  ( in case it fried and preventing power up sequence) etc
Still nothing - my GUESS would be fried CPU/power supply.
Yeah you had frozen animation on LCD, but if voltage went bad, it might
not be enough to now pass power up test or maybe just failed completely at
power up.

Re: Help. Thinkpad won't boot.

If all you get is a black screen then something probably got fried during the

If you are lucky and know how to remove or replace the modem you could try
but if its not the modem its probably something major.

(i had a dell tower that wouldn't boot/turn on cuz the modem was bad)

- Bobb - wrote:

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