Help! Spilled water on closed Toshiba Satellite!!!!

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Alright, over a month ago I was making the bed when my elbow hit a
glass of water on the night stand and then it landed on my Toshiba
Satellite A105. It was closed and I immediately dried up all the
water on it. I checked it about 10 minutes later and I couldn't even
get it to boot up. I finally got it to turn on and boot up after
abvout 5 hours. It now works almost completely normal except my time
is super slow, I fixed the time on Friday morning at 1am and it now
is telling me that it is Friday morning at 4:13am, so it has gone 3
hours in 4 days. Also any sound is slow, even the normal
"ding" you get from hitting a key when you are unable to or
whatever, but my "ding" is choppy and takes about 30 seconds
to finish. I can watch video, but it is in complete slow motion. A 30
second video clip will take over 3 minutes to watch. Also when I
hover the mouse over the clock, or some other icon in the tray, it
takes forever for the little message bubble to come up and say what
it should say, and the bubble doesnt just appear, it will come up
very light and see through and then get a little darker and go
through about 5 phases until it reaches the normal bubble.
I have read a bunch of stuff online that basically says if you spill
on a laptop you need a new one, but they were all non working laptops
so I was wondering if mine was fixable. I can go online and surf like
normal, unless I want to download or upload something, and I can put
the pictures from my digital camera onto the computer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I may sound like a overly
hopeful person but I just keep remembering all the toys my 6 year old
has taken into the bath and when they came out they sounded distorted
or didnt work at all but then a month or a few months later he will
push the button on the toy and it sounds just like normal, so I keep
telling myself maybe it will work through itself!
Thank you!

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