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I am trying to restore a  pavillon portable HP dv9051ea

I have 2 DVD double layer from HP to restore.

the cd player can't read the dvd double layer. only simple.

I can't restore it.

I can read this dvd on my computer.

I have tried to copy the dvd on my USB external Hard disk but on boot
i have :
ntldr not find

what can i do? can i boot on my hard disk?

on the install dvd ,there is no executable . this is the listing:  

01/01/1970  02:23                16              BLOCK.RIN
25/01/2002  02:21                 0              GRAPH16
30/04/2001  05:16                14              Graph
01/01/1970  02:23    <REP>                       I386
01/01/1970  02:24               858              MASTER.LOG
17/08/2001  00:32                 0              NTFS
01/01/1970  02:23    <REP>                       PRELOAD
23/02/2006  03:04                 0              SERVICE
01/01/1970  01:20                36              SaveFile.Dir
25/03/2005  00:00                10              WIN51
25/03/2005  00:00                10              WIN51IA
25/03/2005  00:00                10              WIN51IA.SP1
25/03/2005  00:00               167              WINBOM.INI
27/02/2006  20:52                13              XGA
10/09/2002  02:21             7850              folder.htt
03/11/2005  01:19           181736              protect.ed

can you help me?

A french guy.


Re: restore HP LAPTOP

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To clarify:

Differences between Windows System Restore and HP Recovery Manager
Windows System Restore is sometimes confused with HP Recovery Manager. To
clarify, Windows System Restore is not the same as HP Recovery Manager.
System Restore enables you to return the computer to a previous restore
point, which resets all of the settings for the operating system to those
settings that existed at the time that the restore point was created. None
of your personal data files, such as email, documents, or pictures are lost.
HP Recovery Manager differs from System Restore in that Recovery Manager
returns the computer to its original factory condition. All of your personal
data files are lost.
Press the Power button to start the PC and immediately press the F11 key to
open the HP Recovery Manager.

WHERE did you get these DVD's ?
Did you make them ? did you buy them ? If you nought them, these are the
correct DVD for your PC ?

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Do not try to restore your system by accessing the DVD's in Windows on the
target PC - BOOT the DVD
If disk drive boots first , change the BIOS setting. Then watch window at
startup and select Y to boot DVD.
Insert DVD - pc should boot the DVD and prompt you through restore.
I am confused about the ntldr message ... on the ORIGINAL you do not see the
message buy if you copy and try, then you see that error on the copy ?
1. So the original does NOT get an ntldr   error ? Meaning it CAN read boot
2. How did you copy ?

Steps SHOULD be:
1. Insert DVD
2. Power up

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