Help ReInstalling WinXp on Presario V2000

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Hey ya'll

Just after buying my V2000 notebook I decided to format and install my
own copy of XP pro to remove all the compaq rubbish they stick on

However, I need to transfer my XP pro license to another PC and would
like to use the XP SP2 Home disk that came with my laptop.

But after wiping the hard disk will the  original CD still work? I ask
as I know some manufacturer-supplied CDs look for the presence of some
file or "tattoo" on the computer to make sure it is being installed on
the right brand of PC (or something to that effect)

If anyone has experience of this or any workarounds, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Help ReInstalling WinXp on Presario V2000

An OEM copy of Windows XP will only install on the machine it was originally
installed on from the factory.

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Re: Help ReInstalling WinXp on Presario V2000

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That depends on whether it is a recovery disk or a proper OEM installation
disk.  The latter will install on anything as long as you have the
appropriate drivers.

Microsoft claim that you cannot move the licence onto another machine, but
whether they are legally in the right or wrong is a separate debate that
running on some specialist forums on the internet.  You certainly can't
activate it because the new hardware will differ substantially from the old.

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