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Dear Members,

First of all thank you for your kind attention. Your help will be very
much appreciated if you could help me out for the following problem.

My laptop is a Compaq 1400 (14XL355) Celeron Win98 Me with 64 Mo
permanent + 64 Mo removable RAM.

I tried to upgrade the memory by using a 256 Mo PC133 SDRAM unit. The
manual says it is ok up to 256 Mo PC 100 (320 = 256 + 64) total

Well, when installed, the system recognized only 119 Mo. A
benchsoftware did recognized the memory as a PC133  256 Mo but not the

So before attempting anything, I decided to switch back to the initial
configuration that was working so far. 64 Mo +  64 Mo PC 100 without
doing anything else But at this time : BIG PROBLEM :

The laptop is not even able to boot. I can't even hear the hard drive
starting up : only a black screen without any access.

The same problem has been observed when :

- w/o battery

- when removing the additional memory thus leaving one slot blank


What is your feeling on this one ? What shall I do in such
circonstances !

Thank you very much for your precious help ! I can't afford loosing
  :cry: !

Re: /! Help needed Black screen Compaq Laptop /!

jakal wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

First, look at the installed RAM and see if the contacts are inserted
fully into the slot and that the semi-circular retaining keys on the
sides are firmly inserted into the key slots on the chip.  If not for
either, the ram is not installed correctly and must be removed and
reseated.  Secondly, find the reset button and press it.  Then try
another startup.

Lastly, Compaq has a procedure for forcing a general reset on older
laptops that was on the former Compaq site - something like remove the
battery and AC adapter, hold the power key down for at least one minute,
power on without the battery on AC power.  You might also take this to
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq where the experts reside.


Re: /! Help needed Black screen Compaq Laptop /!

You are welcome.. Unfortunately RAM slot solder joints will only get
worse not better.. These require  resoldering as they will eventually
kill the RAM itself. Run it for a while and if it starts acting Quirky
give us a buzz. I repair a ton of laptops with this issue from Sony's
to Compaqs.  Good luck!!

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