HELP! Need to buy Laptop for a client

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Dear All,

Have spent the evening with a client trying to sort out a laptop purchase
but don't seem to have got very far!

The laptop will be used mainly for using office 2000 (word in particular)
and also as a backup to his desktop machine.  So as a minimum spec should be
at least similar to his desktop machine:

Athlon XP1800+
256MB Memory
80GB Hard Disk (could come down to 30GB on this)
Windows 98SE!

He also wants a minimum of 2 USB ports, modem and a CD-RW drive in it.

My client is happy with a second hand machine (if I'll stand by it, i.e. fix
it for him!).  He wants to use it in the car and wants to use a
air/car/universal power adapter such as the one from Kensington
( )

Can anyone suggest a suitable spec machine (either new or second hand) which
together with the power adapter and a case comes in at less than 700?  (I'm
in the UK!)  A suitable supplier would also be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation

Matthew Harman

Re: HELP! Need to buy Laptop for a client

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Hi Matthew,

How portable does the machine need to be? Does he want wifi when he
is on the road? How important is battery life? How important is
performance? Is Win98se a deal breaker?

I am a consultant and my machine goes where I go. I made the choice
a number of years ago that performance was my main issue. Size,
weight, battery life are nice but not mandatory.

I use a HP Pavilion zd7010us which is a monster of a machine with a
17" WXGA display weighing in at 9.5lbs. I usually upgrade computer
every year or so. I am so pleased with this machine that I have not
bothered to replace it. I got spoiled with the screen and separate
numeric keypad. The machine uses a Pentium4 at 2.66GHz. Not the
fastest machine on the market but very usable for programming and such.

As to wanting Win98se, I do not think that any manufacturer offers
Win98se as an option for their new computers. WinXP is much more
stable than Win98se (it does require more resources).

Personally, I would not recommend buying a used computer. I'd say
about half the people I know who have bought a used computer because
it was 'such a deal' ended up having to buy a new one in 6 to 12
months. If you are really looking for a bargain, get a factory
refurbished computer (by manufacturer).

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

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Re: HELP! Need to buy Laptop for a client

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Matthew it seems to me the performance issues are solved / met for
most users with any reasonable new notebook; but, I never see mention
of noise specs.  I am also in the market and noise will be the decider
for me.

Does anyone have any wisdom on whose is the quieter notebook these


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