Help my Dell inspiron 2500 keeps crashing and the clock on Microsoft Windows likes to be a...

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Hello Everyone,
               Could some please help me. I brought a Dell Inspiron 2500
laptop with windows xp home edition and service pack 2. I have
downloaded the service pack from microsoft's website. A few weeks ago I
noticed that me laptop likes to keep crashing and the clock on windows
likes to be an hour slow. (e.g. the time now on the laptop is 18.48 PM
BST actual time is 19.48)I have noticed that my cpu fan is not running
and that the second fan is doing all the work and the CPU might be
burning out also the display has playing up. I have been in contact with
dell and they quote that the warranty is out of date. I brought the
laptop on ebay as it was a bargain at 160.00 I am waiting on the
original owner to get back to me to help sort the computer problem. Also
the laptop does not like my broadband connection

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