Help me!! (Vista/OEM/Bloatware)

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Hi all,

I am really kicking myself at the moment. Got a new Sony laptop w/
Vista Business on it. No media, can only create a recovery DVD w/all
the bloatware in the world included.

Now, I really really really want to get a bloatware free install, and
I will do anything (other than shell out more money) to get one.

Is there any way, in theory, where I could use a torrented full oem
installation media, do an install, AND then keep/use my license/
authorisation number etc from my legit install (on the same notebook
of course!).

The only media I have is the "upgrade disc" in case I want the
Ultimate version (riiiight??)


Re: Help me!! (Vista/OEM/Bloatware)

You could probably do it with any Vista "OEM" DVD media.  Not
definitely, but probably.

abd08 wrote:
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Re: Help me!! (Vista/OEM/Bloatware)

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You will need your Recovery DVD but as Barry said, you can probably
reinstall Vista from any OEM DVD (with the wrong drivers for your Sony) but
(if the Sony recovery DVD is anything like my Acer recovery DVD) it will
have a folder on the Recovery DVD of Vista drivers specific to your
hardware, so you can build a 'non-specific' machine from the OEM CD then
install the drivers from your Sony Recovery DVD.

Bit of mix and matching will be required to get it all working and you
might be better of reinstalling from the Recovery DVD and then cleaning off
the bloatware.

Hope you never need to reinstall.

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Re: Help me!! (Vista/OEM/Bloatware)

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Wouldn't it just be simpler to uninstall what you don't want?  Sure,
you may not be able to get rid of it all, but that's the price for
buying a prebuilt system these days.
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Re: Help me!! (Vista/OEM/Bloatware)

Fair enough... I've given it a good cleaning out... I guess for now
I'll have to leave it be. Good to know though that the mix and match
option exists for when the inevitable happens!


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