Help Me Choose (and understand) big pc vs elegant mbp

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Okay, okay, first of all I recognize there are a ton of articles and
postings re: mac v. pc and that it's possible just about any angle is
covered. I've read a lot of them and I still can't settle down about
my recent choice of laptop.
Here's the quick: My long-time trusted Frankenstein box desktop
finally died and I promised myself I'd get a laptop next to reduce
clutter just make it easier on myself given that I move around a lot
(not travel but actual moving). Also, I promised myself I'd get a

BUT, when I was finally ready to shop I adopted that voice that says
you can get more for your money with a pc. Long-story-short, I
purchased a pc laptop - a desktop replacement - and it really seems
fine (even with Vista). However, it arrived damaged (nothing that
effects the computer but damaged nonetheless, so I've got to take it
back anyway. ...this re-opened the door for yearning for a mac. I
really just care about the specs vs each other for a user like me; I
don't need pro-pc vs pro-mac advice.

This is what I have now:

and this is the mac I'm considering instead:

Issues I have with the laptop I just bought are:
1. I never wanted Brightscreen but thought it would be okay. I am not
a fan.
2. 'cause it is a laptop now I Want to carry it around but this is
pretty darn big and heavy.
3. ...that's really about it other than it's not a mac - which I'm not
even totally convinced is all that significant.

Now, what I do with my computers? (Again, this will be my Only
- I primarily use my computer for storing and accessing lots of music,
photos - a lot of music and photos. (and some video)
- I do a lot of web browsing, a lot of interactive stuff and some
light occasional gaming for distraction.
- I'll be doing some video editing and Photoshop work for fun as I
settle into using my computer again (I've been doing without for
sometime now, stealing time at work for some things and browsing and
composing email via my Wii at home.)
- word processing (most word docs)
- I use a lot of Googles apps already and will likely continue to do
so..., that's the general stuff. Oh, I do keep lots of things open at
once. Right now I've got 5 tabs open in this browser (Firefox) window,
another one up streaming music, excel, word, outlook and iTunes are
also opened.  I do this a lot.

Right now there's only about a $300 difference in the 2 computers so,
should I take this computer back, buying the mac instead won't hurt so
much at all.

My main concerns are with the smaller video card and smaller (slower)
hard drive - am I'm going to even notice it. If I do, will I care? Oh,
and I'm looking at the mbp for the bigger screen - I don't need 17"
but I'd like more than 13".


Re: Help Me Choose (and understand) big pc vs elegant mbp

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The video is better in the Mac.8600GS is DDR2 vs DDR3 in the Mac

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