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I have a toshiba satellite pro with 40 megs of ram and a 1044 meg hard
drive. It says when it statrs up windows has dected an error in your
registry/configuration file run scanreg. I run scanreg and it does
nothing for a few mins. Then it load the C:> promp right over the
screen I run scanreg again does the same I run scanreg/restroe does the

Then I put a 841 meg hard drive in the computer and it says this

The File is msiing or corrupted

The file file is missing or corupted
Tupe the name of the command interpeter I.E. C/windows.command .com

I type C:/windows/ and it repeats it message and somebody
says type fdsik/mbr and i do it and it says

The file fdsik/mbr is missing or corupted(then it says the type the
name... message.


Oh nad by the way almost verey floppy disk i put in wheter its new or
not it says
Gernal error reading drive A:/

Re: Help!Me!

While this isn't English 101, the spelling, punctuation and sentence
structure errors in your post make it virtually impossible to read with any
clarity.  If I understand what you are trying to say, I would suggest you
make sure all your data is saved to a CD or other media and perform a format
and clean install of Windows.
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Re: Help!Me!

The system needs a complete reinstall from scratch, and you may have a
bad hard drive as well.  Also, it's a very old system (from your post, I
am going to guess it's an "early" 400 series unit .... 400 to 435
(Penitum 75 to 120 MHz)).  Also from your post, this is probably beyond
your capability.  And may not be worth the time it will take on a unit
this old. wrote:

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Re: Help!Me! wrote:
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Sounds like some serious problems, as others have suggested.  What OS
is this machine running?  By the time you fix or replace the hard
drive and floppy, add some memory, reload the OS from scratch, you are
still going to be stuck with an old, slow machine with a lot of miles
on it, and other potential hardware failures right around the corner.
it's not un-doable, it just may not be worthwhile...

Re: Help!Me!

Sounds like you have lots of hardware problems, possibly
bad hard drive, components on the motherboard, bad
floppy drive, etc...   You need to fix the hardware first
before trying to solve software issues.


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