HELP - Laptop Configuration (Vista + Linux) advice?

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I am planning to buy a laptop.  There are some hardware items that I
would like on the system but haven't found a vendor yet for this

I was looking for a laptop with the following 2 keys items I want:

15'4 WUXGA monitor
2 Hard Disks (80GB each) 7200 rpm

Sony makes dual disk configurations but are 4200 rpm (which is really
slow).  Dell makes laptops with only 1 disk.

Why don't vendors make dual disk laptop with 7200 rpm?  Are there
swappable hard disk drives for any laptop vendor?

The main reason I want dual disk is for Vista (hda1) and Linux(s)
(hda2).  I do not want Vista and Linux on the same physical disk.  The
screen resolution WUXGA is important for me.

Please let me know if anyone has implemented or knowledgeable about this

Thank you in advance.


Re: HELP - Laptop Configuration (Vista + Linux) advice?

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Alienware sells dual hard drive models, but they are at a minimum 17"
Some other people have a media bay in theirs, but usually that means
no CD/DVD if a hard drive is installed.

Re: HELP - Laptop Configuration (Vista + Linux) advice?

pen wrote:
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I have an HP dv8000 with dual hard disk. It is also a 17" display.

The reason you see slower disk in the dual disk systems unless they
are SATA is because of power and heat.

I have read of a couple of people with the dv8000 with (larger or
faster) drives and there temperature readings are higher across the
board (not just the drives themselves).

I have 2 120GB drives and yes they are only 4200rpm but for most of
the work I do, it really doesn't make to big a difference (other
than when I am compiling big source projects).

The only time I have found where speed is critical is when I am
doing video editing. When I do that, I do the work on HD1 and I turn
off all un-necessary processes that access HD0. Since I only edit
video once or twice a year I don't really care.

Just as an aside, my first truly portable computer (a toy by todays
standards) was a Tandy PC-2 that loaded off of a tape it took 2.5
minutes to load a 1.5KB program <LOL>.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

     "When hope is lost . . . the spirit dies."
                         -- Lao Tzu /

Re: HELP - Laptop Configuration (Vista + Linux) advice?

C.Joseph Drayton wrote:
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Thank you for this information.  It looks like HP and Sony are the only
manufacturers making the dual disk laptops.  Since I don't do too much
compiling or video editing, I guess a slower hard disk should be sufficient.

Thank you once again.


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