HELP I spilled Kool-Aid on laptop

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Like an idiot, I accidentally knocked over a glass of kool-aid on my
laptop...I wiped clean what was on the keyboard and screen, and now
there is a wide stripe on my screen that is like white, but you can
still see underneath of my background are like a neon
green...what do I do???

Re: HELP I spilled Kool-Aid on laptop

mxchica wrote:
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turn it off, take out the battery and leave it out.
You gotta get ALL the stuff out...yesterday would be good.
Drying will help a water spill, but not pop.
I don't know if there's any acid in kool-aid these days,
but pop will EAT your laptop.  Strip it down to nothing and
take a toothbrush to it.  I use Simple Green followed by isopropyl

Re: HELP I spilled Kool-Aid on laptop

You are likely in the market for a new laptop, unless you have a "no
fault" extended warranty.  If that becomes the case, sell the laptop on
E-Bay, being honest about it's condition.  Amazingly, it may still go
for a couple hundred bucks.

It would be much better if you'd spilled plain water (maybe you can
arrange that for your next accident).  If it had been plain water, I'd
say to remove everything that's easily removeable (battery, hard drive,
maybe optical drive, memory, network card, modem card, WiFi card, then
get out as much as you can (turn the laptop upside down, rotate and
shake gently), let it dry for DAYS, even a week or two.  There is a
chance that it will be completely ok.  [not a good chance, but a chance].

However, this wasn't water.

For someone who knows what they are doing and how to do it, there is an
argument for total disassembly and actually rinsing under clean water,
then let dry for days.  Unfortunately, for almost all end users, this is
out of the question.

Next time be more careful.  Laptops (and even desktops) and food /
beverages don't mix.

mxchica wrote:
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