Help for Laptop Christmas shopper? i need help

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Okay I am wanting to get a laptop for christmas, here is what I would like to
have included, although not all these choices are must haves, the best
combination of all for a good price is what im looking for ... what do you all
think .. please send me some suggestions:

- lots of memory
- good speed
- good modem / internet peckage
- DVD player
- CD burnder
- DVD burner
- good speakers (either built in or add on)
- external mouse
- Camera (with video and picture capability)
- good screen with clear picture
- carrying case
- good battery life / battery hook up
- good size, not to small not too big

i will be using this mostly for dvd watching, cd/dvd burning, and internet
(browsing and email)

please let me know
thanks in advance

Re: Help for Laptop Christmas shopper? i need help

Roxyscary wrote:
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like to
do you all
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Well, I think you need to be more specific on some things...  You say
good size, what do you think a good size would be?  The smaller you are
the smaller your keyboard and screen, so how small a screen can you go?
I blieve they go as low as 12" screens.  But they are small.

Now, CDR/DVDR Combo Drive is going to be expensive, so you may want to
considering not having the DVDR part.

Speakers are really not going to be that great on most laptops, you'll
be looking at external speakers for truely good quality sound.  The
bonus is that most modern laptops support even surround sound if you
just plug it in.

Define good speed?  I personally think my 1 Ghz AMD is good speed for
me.  How much are you willing to pay for good performance of that speed
under a load?  Also, good speed for what?  Video games using 3D effects
don't need just a good CPU but a good video controller.  For best in
both I'd recommend an AMD chip for your CPU (2.0+ Ghz) and nVidia or
ATI for your graphics card maker.  However, high end chips can reduce
battery life dramatically.

What kind of Internet Package are you looking for?  Dialup accounts are
about the same price, so what comes with the laptop may not be the best
bet.  What I'd recommend for that is to do some research, call up local
ISP's (they're in the yellow pages).  I used Concentric (now XO
communications) for ages, they aren't local to anyone really but have
great service.

External mouse will clost you like $20-30, buy an optical mouse though,
less problems.

Lots of memory...  you can get away with 256Mb, but 512 or more is

Webcam or Digital camera?  They're not the same.

Carrying cases are easy enough, just look at your local computer shop
or circuit city.  I'd go with Targus for a brand.
Is this your first computer?

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