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Hi. :-) I need some info about a Dell Latitude CPxJ. I have ONLY the
motherboard, the cpu module and the bottom part of the case. I'd like to use it
on my car... I already found a place where to mount it. :-) I don't know if the
board is working or not. I've tried to search on Google without much luck. :-(
The only info I found was that this is a "new" model of notebook that uses a
new power supply with an extra control line to "talk" with the notebook. I
already own both the universal power supply PW1300p made by
Trust ( ) and the PW-1200p
( ). In the "compatibility
list", the CPxJ is not listed. :-( It seems that without that control line, the
notebook won't charge the battery. About the pinout of the power supply I only
found this related to a CPiA366 and perhaps to an Inspiron 7500:

So... it means that I can connect both my universal power supply safely and
without frying anything? If I can't use them, where I can find the pinout of
that connector? It would be usefull to find the pinout of the battery
connector, too. Ah... one more question... how much ram has that notebook? The
2 sodimm socket are empty, does this means it has no ram or maybe it has some
ram onboard?

This is what is written on the bottom of that notebook:

Label 1:

Barcode HBW520J
System Type CPxJ
Order No 430049406
Cust PO 900045254
Shipdate 17/01/2001

Label 2:

(here is a barcode) 377-244-112-51
Service tag  HBW520J  express service code

Label 3:

Model No: PPX
INPUT: 20V 3.5A
Latitude C Family
Ref number 99125
IC Class B ICES-3

For use with adapter model PA-6
Dell LBL P/N 3986W A02

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