Help for an old laptop. Compaq LTE Elite 4/50CX

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Ok, once upon a time I used fdisk to repartition the disk of a LTE
Elite 4/50CX. Apparently that was the wrong move since it got rid of
important data on the hard drive that it need to boot into an OS like
DOS 6.2 and Windows 95. I started looking for something that would
restore the missing data and only found fixpart.exe from the SoftPaq
utility Compaq offers for download. That doesn't work apparently.
because whenever I use it and then try to install DOS the DOS setup
program wants to partition and format the hard drive. I looked at the
fixpart partitions with fdisk and I got really weird information on
what the partitions were. It was telling me I had a 4GB hard drive
across two Non-DOS partitions when I know I only have a 350MB hard
drive. The other two partitions didn't make any sense and they were
Non-DOS as well.

Can anybody help? Or am I SOL?


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