HELP Dell Latitude CPx vs. combo drive LG

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  I'm having some troubles installing a combo drive in my Dell Latitude
CPx laptop.
The original drive was a Samsung CD-ROM, the new drive is an LG
DVD/CD-RW combo.
The original one fits into a removable device called "Modular Bay", also
used for extra battery, extra HDD or floppy drive. Opening this modular
bay i found a standard slim cd-rom drive, so i purchased a standard slim
combo DVD/CD-RW drive and have reinstalled it into the laptop, but...
bios chek-up reports rech 95% and found some problems of not recognized
I have no way to test if the combo drive is functional or defective, so
I must start supposing it fully functional.

What's the possibile solution?

Hardware conflict to resolve?
Bios upgrade needed?
Locked BIOS or locked device to ...ehm ...crack?

Please help me
The laptop is not mine so i will pay for this stupid problem...

Thanks to all


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