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dear readers---I just saw an apple and a new dell 12" notebook.  both
were not running anything in particular, and searing hot underneath.
way too hot to use on a lap.  I guess the term laptop is outdated.

I had one observation on a sony, and it seemed better---but I am not
sure I am comparing apples to apples.

any pointer to good reviews of small core duo machines that talk about
unpleasant heat and measure it would be great.

I am surprised that 2W top consumption (which I believe is what Intel
states), and much lower consumption when idle create a heat buildup
that can be so bad.



Re: heat --- again

ivowel@gmail.com wrote:
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Well, it all depends on what is running in the background when the
computer is in a 'quiescent' state.  It does not surprise me that the
Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, run hot in a small sized notebooks.  The focus is
quiet, not cool, so if the designers allow higher CPU temp, then it can
be cooled with a lower speed, and thereby, quieter, fan.

Sony makes great notebooks, if you can find those recently-released
models that have no intrinsic design failures.  It takes about a year
for the characteristic problems in notebooks to be broadcast on the
Internet, and that gives any vendor a huge window of opportunity to
market a notebook that should never have left the design stage.


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