HDTV FEB 09. ????

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I know this is off topic, but with all the brains out there to pick,
I finally got a definite answer out of our local news paper here in
Honolulu.    Sams Club and Costco were giveing me conflicting answers.
We know the changeover from analogue to DTV takes place FEb 9-09.
We now know or read in newspaper that if we dont have cable tv,
nor satelite tv, just regular old analogue TV's in the house and
hi gain TV antenna, we got excellent signal from all local TV stns.
Come Feb 09 we are told we wont be able to see anything at all on
the present TV chnls without a converter box between the Antenna
and the TV.  How about the vcr will it need a black bax too
between it and the TV or will we have to throw them away and buy
the new DVD type tape recorders.  Will they also need a black box
in front of them????  If we try to watch after that date they say
we wont see anything on the screen at all.  Share your knowledge
on this or tell me to get my ass on a different type news group!!!
                        Joe  (WW2 Vet)

* Ham since 1937 HiSchool Sophomore ex W9ZUU, KP4EX, W4FAG, KH6ARG KH6JF *
* WW2 Vet since Sep 1940 to just After VJ day. US Signal Corps AACS      *

Re: HDTV FEB 09. ????

Joseph Fenn wrote:
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Very much off topic

When the time comes, go to your local Walmart buy the $100.00 set top
box hook it up between your antenna and all your stuff and watch TV


Re: HDTV FEB 09. ????

Thanks GB, appreciate your response much.   Hope others saw it too!
              Alohda from Hawaii.
(70 years with MARS/AARS systems.)

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