HDD replacement problem

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Got a friend with the following problem:

She's trying to replace the HDD in her laptop. The laptop is a Compaq
Presario 2100, with an AMD Athlon 1795 MHz processor. She's installing
a new Western Digital Scorpio 2.5 inch 60 Gig drive, which is the same
capacity as the old one. Swears she's got the caddy and the drive
properly fitted, and can hear it spinning up, but when she tries to
install Windows on the drive, gets the message that there's no HDD
present. The BIOS also seems to deny that there's a HDD present.. BIOS
gives the following info:

BIOS Revision: KAM1.59
Language: [English (US)]
Inter Hard Disk [None]
Memory: 456704 KB

Is it likely to be a dead (albeit new) HDD, or is there another
possible solution? If a BIOS update would help, how does she flash the

Thanks for any help

Re: HDD replacement problem

Could be a jumpering problem.  Almost all laptops use "master", which is
the default, but on some Compaq and IBM models, they must be jumpered
for "cable select".

bigbrian wrote:

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Re: HDD replacement problem

bigbrian wrote:
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One quite common problem is with the Master/Slave/Cable Select jumper
setting on the hard drive.  Different brands or even models within a brand
can require they be set differently in order to use an identical hard drive.

A drive sold that is "compatible" with your laptop may not come with the
jumper already set to what your particular machine is looking for.

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