HDD not seen by either of dual boot.

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I'm having a problem with my HDD on a Satellite laptop, if someone can
help with their advice that would be appriciated.

The HD was installed Linux and Win98, and using Grub as boot manager.
BIOS can see the HD by its model number.

If I let it boot into HD, Grub will fail at loading stage 1.5 with error
22. Sound like HD is accessible somehow, so the Grub can run...

I don't know too much about Linux, so I tried a few things on window and
Dos instead: If it boot into a floppy with win98, it can't change
directory to C drive with error "invalid drive specification". If I run
fdisk from the floppy, it will say there is no fixed disk :-( . But the
diagnostic tool from Fujitsu, running from floppy would declare the HD
is OK  :-(

Is this some kind of partition gone bad ? How do I go from here ?

Thanks for any advice.

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