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The problem is my main hard drive start clicking and few times it did
not boot..so I am thinking somehow I can boot from a DVD, External Hard
Disk, CD etc. if it dows not boot? Can I have a bootable CD?

Another solution maybe is if Ghost Software copy EVERYTHING, I mean win
registery, windows software , my whole corrupted HDD to my external
drive and then I buy a new Thinkpad Hard Drive and put them back? IS
that possible, although I try not spend money to buy another HDD now
because this notebook is old. My prefrence is the first solution

PLease advice guys..Regards

Re: HDD clicking

Yes it's possible buy you may have waited too long.  Once the drive is
clicking, it's usually gone beyond complete recovery (e.g. the ability
to make an image).

Look, I don't know what is on that drive, but you have either already
lost or are IMMINENTLY going to lose much if not all of it.  Therefore:

PRORITY #1 is to IMMEDIATELY make a backup of the important material
that is not backed up elsewhere while the drive still has any remaining

Note that you will be able to get more from the drive if it's mounted in
another computer (or that same computer as a second drive, when the
computer has a new 1st drive).  The best way to do this is to mount the
drive as a 2nd drive on a desktop using an IDE desktop adapter.  A 2nd
choice is an external USB adapter (these don't work as well as a true
IDE adapter with a "sick" or "dying" drive).

In the meantime, STOP USING THAT DRIVE IMMEDIATELY for all purposes
other than backup.

What size drive is it?

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Re: HDD clicking

soalvajavab1@yahoo.com wrote in comp.sys.laptops:

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Clicking bad, laptopuser-san. Clicking means "I'm going to go broke very
very soon at very very inconvenient time.

Solution: backup all your irretrievable data NOW. Not tomorrow, now.
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The first solution is the worst solution.

The best solution is to buy a new hard drive and do a clean install, then
put your data back. Make a data partition as well to have your data
separated fro your OS and programs, so backup and restore is easy.

You don't need a big hard drive in an old laptop, so expenses are low.


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