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My T40 is getting long in the tooth.  When I look at replacements,
they are all HD format screens (16x9).  To get a screen as high as my
current compact machine, I'd need a 17 inch HD screen!

What's going on here?  Am I missing something, or are laptops being
designed as DVD players instead of computers.

Can someone who has a more sensible HD format machine, say 15.4,
comment on how well it works.  Are you constantly scrolling up and
down to read stuff?  Or has everything adapted to the HD aspect ratio?

Re: HD format laptops

The vertical resolution is at least 800 pixels; that is slightly more
than the 768 pixels of an XGA screen (1024x768).  You have, compared to
XGA, some "extra" hight (not much) and width (more significant).

Marc Auslander wrote:
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Re: HD format laptops

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The desktop can be reformatted to the HD ratio.  The advantage to the
manufacturer, as you hinted at, is that a 15 inch widescreen laptop is
cheaper to produce than one with a 15 inch normal screen because the actual
area of the display is a lot less.  This is a marketing thing along with the
glossy screen (though why the marketing men thought that glossy screens
would be more popular is a minor mystery)

Be aware though that not all 'widescreen' laptops are actually 16:9.  They
are more frequently 15:9 or even 16:10.  This makes them noticeably less
wide screen than a true 16:9 display.

Re: HD format laptops

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You are missing nothing.

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I've replaced an R40 with a newer Lenovo 3000. For most text based work,
it's a hulking beast compared with the older neater machine.
I bought a Vista business machine and have had to take advantage of the
"free to upgrade to XP" offer to be able to continue with a lot of vital
programs. I have other Vista laptops for testing various things, but the
problem is that everything serious seems to have migrated back to the XP
Lenovo to the extent that I've just had to up the drive to 500GB.

The only time I've found the wider screen an advantage is for audio
editing, where I can fit more of the waveform on the screen. On the
other hand, for this in the past I've used 2 screens side by side, and 2
wide screens eat desk space.

I suppose some people like Vista with sidebars etc on the screen. I find
it just a waste of space.

I like the Lenovo over the similar Acer and other machines, and the
specific functions I use (eg firewire) seem as well implemented as they
were on the R40. HD audio sucks everywhere, though. I see nothing that
I'd call progress and seeing myself in the reflective screen while the
machine boots is a nightmare..

Re: HD format laptops

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Bill wrote:
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LOL, are you that ugly Bill? <g>

When I upgraded my older ThinkPad I searched until I found a second-hand
well-specced T60 with a 15" (non-reflective) 3:4 ratio 1400x1050 resolution
(IPS) screen. I'm really pleased with it and I hope that it lasts me a good
long time as, IMO, it's the last of the excellent laptops made. (3:4,
non-reflective, reasonably high res IPS screen.)

For what I paid for it I could have got a new (non-ThinkPad) laptop of
similar specs but it would have been shiny and widescreen. <shudder>
Unfortunately Lenovo went to widescreen with the later T60s and all of the
T61's and they no longer have an option for IPS screens.


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