Haunted Laptop

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I just finished a HDD replacement and full restore of a Gateway laptop
4538GZ. This unit has an internal WIFI adapter and all works fine EXCEPT
for the attack of the mysterious Blue Screen.
The unit belongs to a friend and neighbor and it is quite good UNTIL it
is carried into his living room. In my home and in all the rooms in his
house there is normal functioning and the connection to the wireless
router is great and all internet operations are great. When we take the
unit into the living room it is very normal for it to pop a blue screen
and start a boot recycle. Most commonly this happens when we go off
battery and use the AC. When we take the laptop into another room things
come back and all is well.
BTW.. we are still unable to complete the actual install of the user
settings in the Verizon modem-router as the program does not allow us to
complete the process. However, the unit is working and signal strong.

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