Hardier laptop(s)?

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I work for an electrical contracting company; some of the guys have
laptops in their work trucks.  Given the nature of the work they do,
the laptops take a beating.  I'm currently dealing with the dreaded
DC power jack issue on on of them.  Since this is likely to recur, I
was wondering if there were any suggestions out there of any laptops
that weren't prone to stress-related issues, such as the one with
which I'm dealing.  I know Panasonic has that Toughbook, but I'd like
to find something a little cheaper.

Any suggetions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Hardier laptop(s)?

Business laptops are normally hardier than their consumer counterparts. Ex.
Dell Latitude, although I'm not sure if it would be tough enough
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Re: Hardier laptop(s)?

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Wouldn't it be cheaper to just have the DC supply (cigarette cord)
soldered right on the motherboard of the laptop? No plug or jack to deal
with. So how are those hard drives holding up in those trucks? Most
people use PDAs for roughed use. Maybe that is something to think about.
Cheaper than laptops too. ;)


Re: Hardier laptop(s)?

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Is a second user Toughbook out of the question? :)

Alex Quant

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Re: Hardier laptop(s)?

pvdalen wrote:

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IBM Thinkpads are built like a tank pretty much, and depending on your
needs and software requirements, that would be my recommendation.
  They may not look tough but believe me, they are built tough.
  I use one myself and a broken DC has never been an issue with it.
  I don't believe I have ever replaced one on an IBM Thinkpad.
I repair DC power jacks as well, only if the solder connection on the
board itself hasn't been striped which is sometimes the case and I have
to be creative about repairing it - which sometimes works....
  I own several brands laptops  IBM Thinkpads, Compaq Presario, Compaq
M700 series, Dell Latitudes and Inspirons, Micron Transport ZX and many
  The Thinkpad 600X is my favorite and a good and minimum choice if you
can find one these days and they are indeed very rare but well worth the
money (I have several of them).  Other advance models made be sturdier
and better suit your needs but then the price goes up.

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Re: Hardier laptop(s)?


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Does your enthusiasm extend to Lenovo Thinkpads? - or were you
including them in "IBM"?

Martyn Tindall
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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