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Re: Hard drive replacement

G.G.Willikers wrote:
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You made my day! I am always amazed that most people buy tools, never
read the manual and do not try to understand how things work.
Admittedly, the learning curve with computers can be stiff, I remember
the day I could not believe there was a moving part in a hard disk ...
Hard should be hard, should not it? :=).

Of course, the default MS settings do not help any in this regard:
setting all programs in the same directory, and all "documents" in this
childish "My documents" folder is stupid. Most people actually do not
have the faintest idea where their data actually resides ... Amazing.

As long as your hourly income is in the $xx, your price is low,
considering the patience it takes, not so much to fix problems but to
make people understand what they should do!


John Doue

Re: Hard drive replacement

On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 21:22:14 -0400, "Richard Carpenter"

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Agreed. My earliest desktops were partitioned to protect data against
Windows crashing (and my poor recovery skills). My later builds simply
employed a second hard drive. I still partitioned most large drives
for the reasons you state, but I seem to be getting away from that

In this case, I'm back to my earliest reasons for partitioning. I'd
like to use this laptop for remote audio recording and would prefer to
have a seperate virtual drive for data security. Of course, I'll back
up to a USB drive too.

Re: Hard drive replacement

You can buy hard drives on E-Bay for about $1 per gigabyte.  All you
need for testing is a 10-20GB drive (in fact, you could even get by with
a drive as small as 6GB for testing).  Just be careful to get a drive
that is stated as "tested, good" AND has a warranty ... on E-Bay,
"untested" usually means "it's defective, but we are not going to come
right out and say that".  Still, as I said, you can usually buy [good]
drives for about $1 per gigabyte.

PS -- get a copy of DFT (drive fitness test) from the Hitachi disk drive
web site.  Use it to test all drives that you get.  It will run a
superficial but very useful test on ANY drive.  On IBM/Hitachi drives
only, it can do much more extensive diagnostics and repair, including a
true low-level format.  It normally boots from a floppy disk that the
program makes.  If you need a CD, you can use that floppy as the "image"
to make a bootable CD.

Also, while this model probably is an IDE drive, don't just
automatically assume that, it COULD be an SATA drive.

haligonab wrote:
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Re: Hard drive replacement

Well, it's simple. Remove the hard drive from the laptop and boot. See
if it
reaches the BIOS properly. If possible, try using a Live CD from a
Linux distro
such as Ubuntu when booting (boot from CD, of course). That
should pretty much
show you everything is working properly.

Then just buy a hard drive and plug
that baby in. :)

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