Hard drive problem .... Help!

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I bought a used 2.5" IDE hard drive on E-Bay, Toshiba MK3021GAS, 30GB.

The drive is not recognized ... AT ALL ... in ANY laptop that I've tried
to use it in (4 different models, all are Toshiba laptops, however).
It's not even seen as being present, so I can't use FDISK or any utilities.

BUT ... when I connect the drive to my desktop computer using a USB to
IDE adapter cable, it is seen and functions normally.  It does work, I
can actually use it to store data.

I've tried everything I can think of ... reformatting it (both NTFS and
FAT), making it active, making it inactive, deleting all partitions.
The results are as I described above ... seems PERFECT on the desktop,
not even seen as existing on the laptop (which was the intended use).

This does not appear to be a master-slave issue, I have checked the
jumpers and they are correct (no jumpers at all for master), I've also
tried cable select, no change.

I don't have a way of "zapping" the drive (writing zeros to the entire
drive) over the USB cable, and nothing works on the laptop.  I can't
easily do anything using the desktop (e.g. it would be a LOT of trouble
to connect the drive to an IDE port of the desktop, I'd have to open the
desktop, disconnect everything, etc. ... I'm trying to avoid that).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or how I can resolve
this?  The drive seems good, I can actually use it (on the desktop with
the USB adapter), but I bought it for the laptop.


Re: Hard drive problem .... Help!

Barry Watzman typed on Sat, 15 Mar 2008 12:12:18 -0400:
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You did try setting the 2 inch hard drive to slave, right? And I also
have seen defective HD work only if they are not the master. I even had
one that was intermittent. As 1 out of 3 boots it would work as master.
I dunno, it sounds like you have the same situation to me, except yours
isn't intermittent. Does the seller ofter a guarantee against DOA?


Re: Hard drive problem .... Help!

Tried everything and I'm sure that the hard drive had an obscure defect
that made it inop on SOME systems.  I put the drive on a desktop using
an IDE adapter and ZAP gave a "sector not found error".  Then, sadly, I
incorrectly plugged in the IDE desktop to laptop adapter (off by one
pin) and blew up the drive.  So it's all moot now.

BillW50 wrote:
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Re: Hard drive problem .... Help!

Barry Watzman typed on Sat, 15 Mar 2008 17:31:19 -0400:
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Oh. :-(


Re: Hard drive problem .... Help!

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Don't feel too bad, it's happened to me too.  Sorry I got into to this
a little late.


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